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This season Shop at Sullivan and Gazebo TV have teamed up to create an awesome and helpful gift guide! 

Below are GazeboTV and Shop at Sullivan's favorite products this holiday season. Happy Shopping!

                  Anne of Green Gables Inspired Tea

These scrumptious teas make the perfect holiday stocking stuffer. Who doesn't love TEA! With a blend of ceylon tea, apple bits and cinnamon, we are sure that the White way of Delight Tea will become a new favorite. The Raspberry Cordial Tea is a guilt-free sweet you can share with the whole family. And Avonlea’s Summer Preserves Tea is a great way to keep summer with you all year round. Buy them individually or in a set!

You can read some reviews about our tea here:

                 Anne Shirley & Diana Barry Scents

Fresh and floral, Anne Shirley lets you escape the confines of the working world and brings you back to a simpler, more fulfilling, time. Complete your ensemble with a spritz to the wrist and neck before you head out the door. After all, you are never fully dressed without a scent.

This Anne Shirley perfume is for someone who:

- You have a flair for the overly dramatic and will go to extremes for the perfect re-enactment of the Lady of Shalott.

- You dream of flower-filled fields and crowns of Queen Anne’s lace.

- You enjoy getting lost in a good book or two.

Diana Barry, a lady of class and composure, always makes sure that those she loves are cared for. Sweet and fruity, Diana Barry is perfect for the working world. Complete your outfit with a spritz to the wrist and neck before you head out the door. After all, you are never fully dressed without a scent.

This Diana Barry perfume is for you if:

-Your favourite sweet is candy floss, best enjoyed at a spring fair.

- You prefer rainy days in your favourite nook to those on the beach.

- You enjoy a good pair of woollen socks and cuddling up with a cup of tea.


                        The GazeboTV Gift Card

Maybe you grew up watch one of Sullivan Entertainment's productions with a bossom friend, sister or realtive? Wouldn't it be a nice surprise to surprise them with the gift of that memory! Maybe you need a last minute gift? Or want to send something to a friend far away....nothing gets to your loved one faster than the digital gift of GazeboTV! GazeboTV is the perfect gift to give to connect with an old friend over classic, heartfelt period drama!

                               Violet Vale Bath Soak

The Violet Vale Bath Soak is a unique gift for a "Kindred Spirit" that loves to relax and re-energize! Made from all natural ingredients of lavender, rose, and mint essential oils in Canada, this bath soak smells absolutely amazing and it will make your skin feel even better! The loved one you gift this to will instantly be transported to Prince Edward Island after smelling this 100% natural soak Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt; Dead Sea Salt; Epsom Salts; Essential Oils of: Lavender, Rose, Mint- that's it!!! Check it out below.


                            Violet Vale Pillow Mist

Violet Vale Pillow Mist

Anne Shirley’s imagination is quite extraordinary. Give the gift of falling asleep and dream of fields of bursting with blossoming violets, even if, like Anne, you must only imagine they are there. Violet Vale Pillow Mist was crafted with soft scents of Lavender and Chamomile in order to reduce stress and create calm to ensure a good night’s sleep. Breathe in the calming natural aromas tailored to you. Treat yourself every evening with the Violet Vale. See for yourself below!


    The Lady of Shalott & Avonlea October Candles

True fans of Sullivan’s Anne of Green Gables will love these soy based candles. With notes of current and thyme, The Lady of Shalott Candle is as lovely as the poem it’s named after. Simply light the Avonlea October Candle and transport yourself to an autumnal Avonlea. Marilla is in the kitchen baking pumpkin pie, while Matthew is tending to Green Gables, and Rachel Lynde is busy sticking her nose in other people’s business.... As L. M. Montgomery wrote, “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” These candles make for great stocking stuffers and truly smell amazing!

                  One-of-a-kind Anne Quilt Blanket

The One-of-a-kind Anne Quilt Blanket is just the thing you need to curl up, get comfortable and watch a good movie to wind down the busy Christmas day! Its a truly beautiful blanket with iconic scenes from the Anne films that are incredibly artfully done. This makes a perfect gift for an Anne fan.

                       Kindred Spirit Definition Mug

What is a Kindred Spirit? Always be reminded about the special meaning of this term with the Kindred Spirit Definition Mug. This 8 oz mug is a functional gift that is also a little fun! Perfect for enjoying any beverage in,the Kindred Spirit Definition mug is a favourite of ours and we think your Kindred Spirit will enjoy it too!

                                                      Find out what a Kindred Spirit is from Anne herself!


        Anne Of Green Gables Exclusive Blu-ray Set

Of course our gift guide would not be complete without the ULTIMATE gift for Anne of Green Gables Fan...this Limited Edition Blu-ray box set. This set is a great companion to any Anne fan, even to someone who may already own the digital copy of Anne on GazeboTV. The set includes all four Anne of Green Gables films in beautiful 4K restoration; an exploration of the films most beautiful backdrops with the visual guide to filming locations, behind the scenes information never revealed. See for yourself below!

If you have any questions about GazeboTV please email or email for any questions related to Shop at Sullivan! We're wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

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