Gifts for Every Type of Mother...

Anna Cianni

"A mother's love is unselfish, kind... a Mother's love is wise, full hearted... the deepest well." - Road To Avonlea

Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 12), and our Mother's Day Gift Guide has the perfect gift for every type of mother!

Is your mom more like Marilla, Janet, Honey, Olivia, May or Hetty? Celebrate all the maternal figures in your life with our lovely gift sets, on sale now at Shop At Sullivan!

For the mom who loves everything Anne...

Avonlea Box
Avonlea Box includes three (3) Sullivan Edition Anne of Green Gables Books, an Anne of Green Gables Pin, Anne of Green Gables Soundtrack CD (Lullaby), Anne of Green Gables Blu-ray, and Photo Album all packed inside the exquisite Green Gables Memory Box

If your mother can't decide which Anne product to get, don't make her choose! Gift her with the Avonlea Box. It has a variety of Anne of Green Gables products that are hand-picked by Sullivan Entertainment. Over $100 value!

For the mom with a great imagination...

Beyond Green Gables Mother's Day Set
Beyond Green Gables Mother's Day Set includes Kevin Sullivan's striking photography book called Beyond Green Gables, two (2) loose leaf teas (Cherry Blossom and Kindred Spirits) plus a Mother's Day card

With the Beyond Green Gables Mother's Day Set, your mom can recreate the atmosphere of Sullivan Entertainment movies right in her own home! Kevin Sullivan's captivating coffee table book, Beyond Green Gables, will take her on a journey like no other.

For the fun-loving mother...

Tea Duo
Tea Duo includes two (2) loose leaf teas (Avonlea Afternoon and Lovers Lane) plus a Mother's Day card

If your mom likes to have tea parties, she'll love this Tea Duo. Take her back to the time of Avonlea when tea time was a great reason to gather among friends.

For the mom who likes to relax…

Serenity Spa Set
Serenity Spa Set includes a lavender bath bomb, Mother's Day card, and serenity CD

If your mother deserves to enjoy a relaxing evening, gift her with the Serenity Spa Set. Calming lavender scents, soothing serenity music: it's the perfect night in.

For the sleepy mother…

Pillow Mist with Pillow Case
Get the Violet Vale pillow mist with your choice of one (1) pillow case - Rose; Dream Big; Dream/Believe/Joy; The Queen; or The King

Sometimes we all need to take a break from our busy lives and get a good night's sleep. This Pillow Mist with Pillow Case pairing is sure to provide your mom with everything she needs to catch some ....Zzzz.

For the mother who stays positive no matter what…

Tomorrow Is Always Fresh Set
Tomorrow is Always Fresh Set includes a gold foil print and a mug

Nothing brings your mom down! If she always has a quote to cheer you up, she'll love this Tomorrow Is Always Fresh Set. It brings good vibes only!

For the mom who loves to read...

Three Book Bundle
Three Book Bundle includes Beyond Green Gables, An Avonlea Album, and Tales by Kevin Sullivan

If your mom's idea of a perfect day is curling up to read a good book, then the Three Book Bundle is for her! Take her on a lavish excursion through hundreds of extraordinary production stills, images of artwork, and countless interviews with actors.

For the mother who is secretly your best friend...

Kindred Spirit Tea Set
Kindred Spirit Tea Set includes one (1) loose leaf tea (Kindred Spirits) and a mug

Your mom is always there for you. She's the person you call whether it's to ask for advice when making a big decision, or just to talk about your day. Show her how much she means to you with the Kindred Spirit Tea Set!

For the endlessly supportive mother…

Mini Spa Set
Mini Spa Set includes Idlewild Body Lotion, Avonlea Apricot Scrub Bar, and Avonlea October Candle plus a Mother's Day card

If your mom always nudges you in the right direction and encourages you to do your best, thank her every day! On Mother's Day, say 'thank you' with a Mini Spa Set to show your appreciation for everything she has done for you.

For the mother who always takes care of you…

Tea Trio
Tea Trio includes a mug, three (3) loose leaf teas (Kindred Spirit, Lovers Lane, and Avonlea Afternoon) plus a Mother's Day card

Your mother has always been the one who takes care of you when you're sick, or hurt, or upset. Take care of her this Mother's Day with the Tea Trio!

For the mother who you don't always see eye-to-eye with…

Spa Gift Set
Spa Gift Set includes Idlewild Body Wash, Idlewild Body Lotion, Avonlea Apricot Scrub Bar, and Violet Vale Bath Soak plus a Mother's Day card

You might not always agree with your mom and you may even butt heads on the littlest things. But you know you love her to the moon and back. Surprise her this Mother's Day with a Spa Gift Set!

For the mom who is the Ultimate Anne Fan…

Ultimate Anne Fan Set
Ultimate Anne Fan Set includes Anne of Green Gables 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, Anne of Green Gables book, "Kindred Spirits" loose leaf tea, and a mug plus a Mother's Day card

You know your mother LOVES Anne of Green Gables, so there's no competition! This is the perfect gift to give the Ultimate Anne Fan! It's a collection of our favourite items made into a gift set just for mom! Spoil your mother with the Ultimate Anne Fan Set.

Browse all our Mother's Day gift sets online at Shop At Sullivan.

Happy Mother's Day!

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