QUIZ: What's the perfect gift for your bosom friend?

By: Natasha Hermann

   Our bosom friends deserve the best, but it's hard to find the perfect holiday gift!

Instead of searching for a last minute present, answer the following questions to help guide you through your Christmas list.

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1. What would you be doing with your bosom friend if you had the whole day together?

A. Pampering yourselves by heading to a spa.

B. Spending the day outside, getting some fresh air and catching up.

C. Spending the day indoors and watching a good movie.

D. Doing something you two haven't experienced before like skydiving!

2. You and your bosom friend just won a contest! What do you do to celebrate?

A. Spend all the money in one night! You deserve it!

B. Invest in something meaningful together, maybe donate it to a local charity.

C. You split the money evenly and go on your way.

D. Put the money towards something you're both passionate about.

3. You notice someone is being impolite to your bosom friend. You...

A. Calmly asses the situation and get out of there before there's more trouble.

B. You leave it be. You bosom friend can take care of themselves!

C. Step right in, no one messes with your bosom friend.

D. You and your bosom friend team up and try to figure out a solution.

4. Your bosom friend has some great gossip! They're just as noisy as Rachel Lynde! What are they saying?

A. They have gossip about the people in their neighbourhood.

B. They met a celebrity the other day!

C. They have some movie spoilers to share.

D. They tell you some news about mutual friends.

5. How passionate about Anne of Green Gables is your bosom friend?

A. They've seen the series a couple times and loved it as a child.

B. They are absolutely nuts about Anne of Green Gables! They know every fact about the series and books!

C. A hard core fan who has read the books by L.M. Montgomery before watching the movie!

D. They have so many memories surrounding the books and movies, mostly because they've enjoyed it with you.

Answer Key

Mostly A's

Your bosom friend spends the little time they have relaxing. They value the precious moments life has to offer and doesn't take you for granted. They spend their money wisely, but splurges on themselves once in a blue moon. They're the perfect person to bring to an elegant dinner or to meet your family. They have a calm presence in any room they walk into.

Your bosom friend deserves the Idlewild Anne Spa Gift Set. It will help them relax and paper themselves after a long day.

Mostly B's

Your bosom friend reminds you so much of Anne Shirley that you sometimes wonder if they wrote the book themselves! They are adventurous and imaginative and always bring out the silly side in you. You always have a great time with them, even if you two are just hanging out. You've known them forever and you want to give them something to always remember your friendship.

Your bosom friend deserves the Anne of Green Gables Exclusive Blu-ray Box Set. Complete with location guide, film strip, postcards and more, this set is only for the true Anne fans and true friendships.

Mostly C's

The ideal night for your bosom friend is a good TV show, a cup of hot coco and some comfort snacks. They are always there for you when you feel down and will drop everything in a heartbeat in order to make you smile. They are down-to-earth, humorous and they have a good heart. This bosom friend understands you better than you do yourself!

Your bosom friend deserves the One-of-A-Kind Quilt Blanket. It's the perfect accessory to their homey living room, and to enjoy a night in.

Mostly D's

You and your bosom friend do everything together! Where ever you go, your bosom friend is by your side and can always make you smile. Why not treat your bosom friend to a gift you both can enjoy?

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