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Summer is the perfect season for a wedding. The weather is glorious, the days are longer, and there are a ton of outdoor locations that might not work just as well in the Spring or Fall. Some people like to theme their weddings, going all out to recreate aesthetics from their favourite books or movies and some just like to have a little subtle touch inspired by their favourite things. Over the years we have seen many Anne of Green Gables inspired Summer Weddings, some more extravagant than others, but we think having just a touch of inspiration here and there can work just as well as going all out. Here are some suggestions:

Have your Bridesmaids carry Violets or have a Violet in your bouquet:

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Violets symbolize delicate love, affection, modesty, faith, nobility, intuition and dignity. And they are one of Anne Shirley's favourite flowers. Incorporating them into your wedding plans could be a subtle way to have some Anne inspiration with you on your big day! Alternatively, something Amethyst might just do the trick as well; after all, who could forget Anne's fascination with Marilla's Brooch.

Incorporate Pearls:


Anne had a special affinity for Pearls, even asking that the Ring Gilbert gives her for their engagement be made of them. Having something like table centrepieces with Pearl like decoration or even some Pearl Jewelry could be a good way to include more Anne inspiration.

Fun Table Cards or Name Cards:

anne inspired place holders

Having some Anne of Green Gables inspired table cards, with quotes or names of places and things from Anne of Green Gables, or Anne of Green Gables inspired Name Cards that your guests can take as a keepsake of your special day, would be a fun addition and show your love of all things Anne in a way that won't detract from the over all aesthetic of your reception.

Serve Raspberry Cordial:

Raspberry-Cordial anne inspired

We think this would have to be a must at a Summer Wedding; nothing beats the heat like a nice glass of Raspberry Cordial and it is the ultimate nod to Anne. We have a great recipe here and we are sure no one would be opposed if you wanted to add something to make it a little "harder".

Anne Related Bridesmaids Gifts:

anne inspired locket

We have heard of a few people gifting DVDs, Books, Jewelry and more, all Anne inspired, to their Bridesmaids and we think this is a wonderful idea, especially if they are your kindred spirits!

Whatever you do for your special day, we hope its full of love, friends, family, laughter and joy.

For more ideas for Anne inspiration visit Shop At Sullivan where you will find things like the pattern for Anne's Wedding Dress, Recipe Books, Jewelry, Greeting Cards and more.

By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment

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