Amelia Thomas

Amelia Thomas is the strong-minded business woman, matriarch, and sole overseer of the Thomas family industries in Anne of Green Gables – A New Beginning. Amelia is also the mother in law of Louisa Thomas. The Thomas’ are the first family to take Anne in. She appears in the fourth Anne film, Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning.

Shirley Maclaine

Shirley MacLaine Beatty made her acting debut in Hitchcock’s The Trouble With Harry (1955), which won her a Golden Globe Award. In 1983, she won her first Oscar for her performance in Terms of Endearment after having previously been nominated five times for numerous other performances. Her long list of achievements includes an Emmy, 7 Golden Globe Awards and 13 nominations (including the 1998 Cecil B. Demille award for Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Field).

I know tomfoolery when I see it!"-Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning

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