Spiked Raspberry Cordial

Benjamin Nicholas

“Only it begins with an R and a C and its a bright red color. I love bright red drinks, don’t you? They taste twice as good as any other color.”

Cordials are easy to make! Enjoy simply with chilled water or use them to flavour cocktails, desserts and other dishes. Technically speaking, the word cordial is used to describe a tonic, syrup, or non-alcoholic drink that is often considered to be quite sweet. Although, many people consider the term to describe any type of liqueur that has a low alcohol content.

Prep Time:

1 hour

Freeze Time:


Cook Time:

One Week

Total Time:

One week To A Month

Serving Size:

Use Discreation

Inspired By:

Cooking With Anne Of Green Gables



1 half gallon mason jar


2 cup Sugar

2 quarts of fresh Raspberries

8 cups Vodka (preferably citrus flavoured)


1.  In a quart mason jar, add sugar.

2.  Gently add fresh raspberries, taking care to not pack the fruit.

3.  Fill the jar with premium vodka, making sure to cover the fruit.

4.  Each day for a week, gently shake the jar to assist the sugar in dissolving.

5.  Store in a cool,dark location making sure to gently shake the mixture once, twice a week. This allows the mixture to infuse.

6.  This drink serves best as a dessert cocktail sipper, mix with lemonade, add a splash to ice tea, or mix with a tonic.

7.  Now it is time to enjoy with your kindred-spirit!

*Note the longer the cordial is allowed to rest, the better the flavor. Feel free to let it rest longer than a month. The choice is yours.

For more recipes check out the Avonlea Cookbook, Cooking With Anne of Green Gables and Beyond Green Gables.


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