An Edwardian Garden: A place to gather and a place to grow

Adriana Pacheco

The gardens of Edwardian times were known for their unique visual appeal. They managed to capture the romance of the rural countryside and transport it to an urban setting. These gardens were structured to grow in informal patterns, that made up a larger landscape that was appealing for the eyes and for the senses. These gardens would often have herbaceous borders in a variety of colors, making up structured patterns. Other flora found in the Edwardian Garden likely consist of perennial plants and ferns, and sometimes rare species of flowers not native to the area. These gardens, whether urban or rural, spoke of the prosperity of the times and this style of gardening is a milestone to strive toward for professional gardeners of modern times.

During Edwardian times a well-appointed garden was always pride of place, but the garden was more than just a spectacle for the senses. It was a place to gather, with family, friends, and community. While their gardens may not have been as grand as what you might find in an urban setting, this custom can be seen in both Road To Avonlea amongst the King Family and in Anne of Green Gables at the church picnic hosted in the Barry’s garden, where Anne and Diana meet for the first time.

Edwardian gardens were the perfect setting for an afternoon tea, their visual splendor adding a special appeal to sitting and chatting before a lovely tea spread. Many a community event were planned in such a venue, and many a family matter were sure to be discussed amongst the flowers and shrubbery.

An Edwardian style garden may be more of a commitment than you want to make and creating and caring for any kind of garden is sure to be labour intensive, but the reward of a beautiful place to spend time, either on your own, or with family and friends is sure to be worth it.

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