The Fall Garden and Anne of Green Gables

Adriana Pacheco

Fall is just over a month away and that means that a lot of the lovey summer flowers will soon be reaching the end of their bloom. But fall brings with it its own beautiful flora, some of which were perennial favourites of Anne Shirley's.

Did you know that Chrysanthemums are a fall flower? They may bloom in summer, but fall is when they are at their full glory. This makes them a perfect summer to fall transition flower for your garden.

Of course, Anne has her own history with Chrysanthemums, and not just as the word that she spelled to beat Gilbert during the class spelling bee. These lovely fall flowers, in shades of gold, bloomed outside the Blythe’s home at Ingleside each year.

Did you know that these flowers can be used to help with angina, high blood pressure, fever, cold, headache and swelling? A tea can be made from the flower, and a poultice from the leaves.

Another fall flower that Anne had a particular liking for is Ladies Tresses or Rice Lilies as they were more commonly called in Avonlea. Ladies Tresses, a lovely orchid like flower, bloom from July to November and can be used in teas to help aid in clearing up urinary disorders, and supposedly a tincture made from the roots can be used to treat skin irritations and pain in the breast area.

Wild Blue Asters bloom from September to November. These lovely blue petaled, daisy like flowers were abundant in Rainbow Valley where Anne’s children spent much of their time. The Blue Aster can be used in tinctures, teas and soups to help with colds, headaches and stomach pain.

Do you have a favourite fall flower that is mentioned throughout any of the Anne of Green Gables novels?

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