Hotels to stay at if you are an ‘Anne of Green Gables Fan’

Agatha Krzewinski

Shining Waters Country Inn

7600 Cawnpore Lane, Hunter River, PE C0A 1N0


The Shining Waters Country Inn dates back to the 1850’s and was the original home of Pierce and Rachael MacNeill. Pierce was L.M. Montgomery’s grandfather’s cousin who lived with his wife Rachel directly across from the Green Gables property in Cavendish, and their lives provided inspiration for Montgomery for the writing of Anne of Green Gables.
Pierce and Rachel were a childless couple that had applied for 2 boys to help with Farm chores, butt instead found a 5 year old boy along with his 3 year old sister waiting at the train station. Like Matthew and Marilla, they also decided keep the orphans,and named the girl Ellen Macneil, which later inspired the book Ellen written by John Willoughby. It is also believed that the character Rachel Lynde was inspired by Rachel Macneil. 
The home was owned by several generations of the Macneil family. In 1942, it was moved by a team of horses and sleigh to its present location on Cawnpore Lane. It was converted to an Inn by Mrs. Leta Andrew, who was one of the first tourism operators of PEI. The original inn building was also added by Leta and later by owner Barry Clarke.The inn is now currently owned by the Wood family who  added the gatehouse in 2004.
The Inn features seven rooms and six luxury suites, and is 500 meters away from beautiful Cavendish beach and PEI National Park. It is just around the corner from the Green Gables Heritage Museum, and where many Anne fans and L.M. Montgomery scholars come to stay each year.

Montgomery Inn at Ingleside

4615 Route 20, Park Corner, Kensington, PE C0B 1M0

The Montgomery Inn at Ingleside dates back to 1877, and was originally the home of L.M. Montgomery's grandfather, Senator Donald Montgomery. It was the place where Montgomery spent most of her childhood, and serves as the setting for the “Ingleside” marital house of Anne and Gilbert in the series of Ingleside books.

Currently owned by Paul and Michele Montgomery, the house was passed along the Montgomery generations throughout the years. In the 1970s it was operated as the Montgomery Tourist Home by Paul’s grandmother. In the 1980s and 90s, Paul’s father Robert acquired the home which was later called the Montgomery Manor. In 2014, it was acquired by Robert’s son, Paul Montgomery, who renovated it into a heritage bed and breakfast inn.


Despite the renovations, the house still preserves some of its historic features. The serving window, where Donald rang the doorbell to receive his food, still remains, as well as the hand painted scrolling on the wooden doors.
The house is on four acres of land and features seven bedrooms,where visitors can choose to stay in the ‘Senator’s suite’ on the main floor or in ‘Maud’s room’ on the second floor. The property overlooks the lake of Shining Waters and Gulf of St. Lawrence, and is within a 20 minute drive from Green Gables Heritage museum.

Dalvay by the Sea

16 Cottage Crescent, Dalvay, PE C0A 1P0

Dalvay by the Sea, is a national historic site of Canada,most popular for being featured as the White Sands hotel in Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea, as well as hosting the British royalty in 2011.
The mansion was built by the wealthy business man Alexander MacDonald in 1895-6, who once served as President of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. Upon his first visit to PEI, he purchased 120 acres of land and built a summer home for his family. The house was run by a number of servants, maids,cooks, and cost $10 000 a year to operate. When he passed away, the property was left to his granddaughters, but their inheritance was mismanaged by their father and their fortunes dissipated. The Dalvay was eventually sold to the Dalvay caretaker for only $486.57!
Dalvay was sold to several owners throughout the years. In 1937, it was purchased by former PEI Lieutenant George Dubois, who then sold the house and property to the Canadian Government. In 1959 it was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Raoul Raymond from Switzerland, and is now currently being operated by DP Murphy Hotels and Resorts.
In 1999-2000 a full dining room expansion was built, and eight cottages were added on site. It features 25 guest rooms in the main mansion,offers views of the ocean  and Dalvay Lake, and is 4 minutes away from Dalvay Beach. Guests planning to stay overnight need to obtain a National Park Pass.

The Inn at Bay Fortune

758 Route 310, Fortune Bridge, PEI, C0A 2B0


The Inn at Bay Fortune was once the summer home of actress Colleen Dewhurst (Marilla Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables and Road To Avonlea) in the 1980s, where she would periodically stay throughout her acting career: “It’s beautiful. I have a house there but I haven’t been able to get up there for five years,” Dewhurst told The Washington Post in 1983. 
It was originally built in 1913 and was first the private summer home of Broadway playwright Elmer Harris, who purchased the property first in 1908. Later in the 1980s, it was acquired by Colleen Dewhurst and her husband, and they spent many summers there to escape the New York City heat. In 1989, the Wilmer Family acquired the property and converted it to an inn and restaurant.


In 1991, Chef Michael Smith was the proprietor chef and turned the Inn’s restaurant into one of PEI’s unique culinary destinations. In 1998-2000, the series “Inn Chef” was filmed at the property, and a new kitchen,dining room, and guest wing were added. In 2015, Chef Michael Smith along with his wife became inn keeper and chief designer of the property.
 The inn is nestled on 46 acres of land, offers 17 rooms, and serve food only that is grown on their organic farm. The inn is about 45 minutes away from Charlottetown, 20 minutes away from Greenwich National Park, and minutes away from the local beaches.

Green Gables Lodge

330 Lakefront Dr, Branson, MO 65616, Unites States


If you are not able to make the trip to PEI, you can also make a visit to Green Gables Lodge, a beautiful new inn recently built in Branson Missouri, where visitors can be charmed by all the fun Anne of Green Gables décor, and be swept away into the world of Avonlea.
Owner, Sarah Everette was a big fan of Anne of Green Gables growing up. After several visits and spending their honeymoon in Branson, Missouri, Sarah and her husband Jason bought two lots,with one of them being constructed into the Game Day Lodge. When their designer Misty asked Sarah to describe her dream house for the second lot, she immediately said she wanted a green roof like in Anne of Green Gables.They started construction in November 2019 and the lodge was completed in May 2020.


In addition to the exterior Green Gables themed colors,guests or even groups can come inside and be welcomed by popular Anne of Green Gables quotes, autographed posters, and can stay in rooms named after characters, such as the Anne Shirley Room, Marilla Cuthbert Room, Minnie May room, Bright River room, Miss Stacey Room, Diana Barry room, and an Avonlea School room with bunk beds. The rooms are accompanied with an Anne of Green Gables book, two sets of DVDs, stunning views of Table Rock Lake, and the wifi password is even ‘carrots’!
The Lodge features 10 bedrooms, 9 baths, and a 1000 sqft private deck with a hot tub and fire pit. Minutes away from access to an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, guests can also go take a stroll on Moonshine Beach,rent a boat at Table Rock State Park Marina, and enjoy rides at Silver Dollar City amusement park.

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