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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and in the spirit of love, we decided to take a look at our favourite couples from Sullivan Entertainment’s library of movies, mini-series and series!

Anne and Gilbert, Anne of Green Gables


Of course, we have to start off with everyone’s favourite couple, Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe! Gilbert took notice of Anne immediately and made it his goal to become her friend, when she would have rather had nothing to do with him. Over the years their friendship evolved, and Anne realized what Gilbert had always known- they were each other’s perfect partner. Watching their relationship blossom and mature and seeing the mutual respect they have for each other, made it so much more meaningful when they finally got married!

Gus and Felicity, Road To Avonlea


When Gus first came to Avonlea, he was uncouth and uneducated,but charming in his enthusiasm for life. He and Felicity bonded pretty much right away and she, along with her aunt Hetty and cousin Sara supported him as he worked to get an education, a good job and improved his station in life. Their relationship evolved from infatuation to mutual love, but that doesn’t mean they had an easy road. There was a point when they wanted different things in life, and parted ways to pursue those endeavors. And then Gus was presumed dead! But, their love for one another withstood all tests thrown at it and by the end of the series they were ready to start their life together in Avonlea.

Max and Honey, Wind At My Back


Honey Bailey was not looking for romance- she had lost her husband and had three children to provide for and try and keep together. But teacher Max Sutton worked his way into her affections through his kind deeds and open heart. Max proved to be just the kind of Man she could let into her complicated life and through the seasons of Wind At My Back we see them get married, have a baby, support each other’s dreams and prove that the vow in sickness and in health is not just words. The two of them form a beautiful family and its clear by the end of the series that what they have is a lasting connection.

Andrew and Robin Stuart, Lantern Hill


Andrew and Robin Stuart had a lot of pain and misunderstanding between them- their estrangement lasted years and was not helped along by Robin’s controlling mother. The deceptions were so intricate that their daughter Jane thought Andrew was dead, instead of living on Prince Edward Island! It takes Jane to bring the two back together and they finally have the chance to talk about what drove them apart in the first place and heal old wounds. Their forgiveness of each other is lovely to see and its clear by the end of the film that they still love each other and are willing to try and be a family.

Charlie and Alexandra, The Piano Man’s Daughter


The first time we see Charlie and Alexandra together, it’s clear that there is a mutual attraction. But more than that, Alexandra challenges Charlie to step out of the prison he has created for himself through his fears of becoming like his mother. It is because of her that he is able to face his past and have the courage to try and understand his Mother Lily in order to move forward with his life. Their relationship is not easy, but they are a wonderfully matched pairing and it’s obvious that they want to make their relationship work.

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