Megan Follows recounts what it was like to play Anne

Adriana Pacheco

There is a lot that goes into making a film, of which location, actors and direction are just a few key components. During the filming of Anne of Green Gables The Sequel (Anne of Avonlea) in 1987, Disney Channel filmed a short feature on the making of the film, which includes interviews with the cast and crew. 

"There are a lot of things that can very easily pull you out of the time period," says Megan Follows when asked about filming a period drama. "You can have the noise of planes or the 401 or whatever screaming behind you and you just have to block them out. When you're doing the scene, it may be all behind you, but what's in front of you is 50 crew members, and the camera and they're about the last thing that looks period. So, you just really have to block it out and have a pretty strong sense of what your feeling of the period is."


"Megan Follows is a consummate performer, she epitomizes the word professional," says Director and Producer Kevin Sullivan during his interview.  "She takes her job very seriously, she's constantly there as the character, in a technical sense as well. For example, she is able to muster up an emotion at the drop of a hat."


Watch the entire feature below, including Megan Follows’ thoughts on Colleen Dewhurst, an interview clip with her mother Dawn Greenhalgh, how Kevin Sullivan juggled being the director and producer, as well as behind-the-scenes on location footage. And find the entire Anne of Green Gables series on GazeboTV.


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