Our Favourite Anne and Gilbert Moments - A Timeline of Their Relationship

Author: Adriana Pacheco

Anne and Gilbert were each other’s perfect partner. They start off on the wrong foot, but over the years they build a wonderful friendship, which eventually leads to love built on mutual respect and understanding. They are “couple goals” and their love story is one of the big appeals of the Anne of Green Gables Series.


The chemistry we see depicted on screen through the films, is in large part due to the actors that played Anne and Gilbert: Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie. In the following clip, Jonathan Crombie talks about working with Megan Follows through the years.

There are so many reasons why so many fans of Anne of Green Gables fell in love with Anne and Gilbert's relationship, but here are just some of our favourite moments:

When They First Meet:


Gilbert winking at Anne after the three legged race was quite cheeky. As Anne said, “I think your Gilbert Blythe is handsome, but I think he's very bold. It isn't good manners to wink at a strange girl." They hadn’t even exchanged words at that point, but gilbert had already left an impression on Anne and she on him.

“Hey, Carrots”:


Perhaps the most infamous Anne and Gilbert moment is the first time they speak to each other, when Gilbert calls Anne “carrots” and precedes to pull on her braid. Who can blame her for grabbing her slate and smashing him over the head? It would take a long time for Anne to forgive Gilbert for his actions.
"I shall never forgive Gilbert Blythe. An iron has entered my soul Diana. My mind is made up. My red hair is a curse."

Gilbert Rescues Anne From The Avonlea Creek:


Anne’s romantic notions sometimes get her into scrapes and this time she found herself in a boat that was sinking fast. Luckily, Gilbert was there to rescue her from her perch on the bridge piling and row her to shore. When he laughingly asks what she was doing and she responds, "fishing for lake trout” we can feel the vehemence behind her words.



Gilbert Cheers Anne On At Her Recital Of The Highway Man:

Anne may have had to turn Gilbert down on his offer to escort her to the recital, but he still made sure to give her a standing ovation after her rousing rendition of the ballad, “The Highway Man”. He was supportive as a friend and respectful of her declination of his invitation.

Gilbert Gives Up The Avonlea School For Anne:

Gilbert giving up the position of teacher for Avonlea School, in favour of Anne being able to take the post and enabling her to stay home at Green Gables with Marilla, was a true expression of devotion. This act cemented their friendship and allowed Anne to finally move past the slight of years before when Gilbert called her “carrots”.

Anne And Gilbert Talk About Her Story Being Submitted To The Rolling’s Reliable Contest:

You truly know that someone cares about you if they are willing to tell you the truth. Even if it is a truth you don’t want to hear. Gilbert gives Anne some feedback for writing her novel and she doesn’t appreciate it at the time, although she later realizes that its sound advice.

Anne And Gilbert Meet Again At The Gazebo In Kingsport:

After Anne turned Gilbert’s proposal down, she likely didn’t think they would be able to meet on good terms for some time. When they unexpectedly run into each other in Kingsport its both a joyful, yet bittersweet reunion. Gilbert once more gives Anne good advice, telling her to write about Avonlea and what she knows. When they part, its on good terms, but Gilbert asking Anne not to forget him is truly an emotional moment.

Anne Goes to Gilbert When He Is Ill:

“There's a book of revelations in everyone's life. I've been so wrong..” When Anne finds out that Gilbert is dying, she is stricken, realizing that she might never get the chance to tell him she loves him and that she might have to live a life without him in it. When she rushes to Gilbert’s side, knowing that she must see for herself how he is, its another true moment of devotion.

The Bridge Scene:

For Anne and Gilbert fans, this is the ultimate in moments the two share. For years these two have built a strong relationship, built on friendship and respect. When Gilbert tells Anne that he can’t offer her diamond sunbursts or marble halls and she responds, “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you,” it’s as sincere a declaration of love as there could be.

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