Anne of Green Gables Cast: Where are they now?

Agatha Krzewinski

Megan Follows – “Anne Shirley”


Megan Follows has lead a prolific acting career since her breakout role in Anne of Green Gables, appearing in a total of 94 films and TV shows.


She has recently taken a seat in the director’s chair, and has directed several episodes of Murdoch Mysteries, Reign, and won the DGC‘ Outstanding Directorial Achievement’ award for Heartland in 2020. Most recently she joined former Anne with an E Star Amybeth McNulty, where she will be starring in and directing her directorial debut Maternal, the psychological thriller set to release in 2021.


While Megan Follows has been continually acting and directing throughout the last 30 years, she also balances a family life, and shares two children with her former spouse Christopher Porter.


Schuyler Grant – “Diana Barry”


After playing Diana Berry during her high school years (her first acting role),schuyler attended Columbia University where she majored in history and minored in theatre. She also met her husband and musician Jeff Krasno, and performed in numerous theatre productions such as Macbeth and The Importance of being Earnest. Subsequently she made guest appearances in television shows such as Law & Order and All My Children.


Following Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, Schuyler took a break from acting, and became a world renowned Yoga teacher. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, and is the director of the Kula Yoga Project in Brooklyn, and also the co-creator of Wanderlust.

Johnathan Crombie –“Gilbert Blythe”


After casting agent Diane Polley (Sarah’s Polley’s mom) discovered Crombie performing in a high school play, his very first acting role of playing Gilbert Blythe would immediately launch his acting career, appearing in a total of 33 film and television credits.


Crombie made appearances in television series such as Road to Avonlea, Mount Royal, Slings and Arrows, and The Good Wife. He attended University of Toronto’s Victoria College while also performed in theatre such as the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Tarragon Theatre, and The Fringe Festival.


Crombie spent much of his time back and forth between New York and Toronto. His final credit would be producing, directing, and writing the documentary Waiting for Ishtar. Unfortunately, on April 15, 2015, he unexpectedly passed away from a brain hemorrhage in New York at the age of 48. The film was completed in 2017.

Miranda de Pencier – “Jose Pye”


Anne of Green Gables would also be the first acting role that would also launch the acting career of Miranda de Pencier. In addition to Anne of Green Gables sequels, she also made appearances in Butter Box Babies and Street Legal, starring in a total of 12 film and television credits.


Following Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story in 2000, De Pencier also took a break from acting and got into producing, directing, and writing. She produced her first feature film Cake (2005), which led to further producing credits such as Pu-239 (2006), Adam (2009), Wild Roses (2009), and ultimately Anne with an E (2017 – 2018).


Collen Dewhurst – “Marilla Cuthbert”


Colleen Dewhurst was a Tony and Primetime Emmy award winning actress that crossed all mediums from stage to screen (92 film and television credits). Her role in playing Marilla led her to acting in other Sullivan productions such as Lantern Hill and Road to Avonlea.


Dewhurst had a summer home in Prince Edward Island, which she had purchased in fact before Anne of Green Gables: “It’s beautiful. I have a house there but I haven’t been able to get up there for five years,” Dewhurst had quoted to The Washington Post in 1983. The property was purchased and renovated into an Inn in 1988.


Shortly after performing in Anne of Green Gables and the sequel, she acted in a few more productions before she became ill. During the hiatus of Road to Avonlea, it was unknown to many that she was battling cervical cancer, and her character Marilla ended up be taken out posthumously. She also co-starred with her son in one of her last performances in the film Dying Young (1991), before she passed away on August 22, 1991.


Richard Farnsworth – “Matthew Cuthbert”


Richard Farnsworth worked for more than thirty years as a stuntman before he moved into acting. He worked on films such as Gone with the Wind, The Ten Commandments and in roles such as a driver for horse wagons, a cowboy, and a trooper.


After becoming a widower in 1985, Farnsworth spent most of his time on his ranch inLincoln New Mexico, while also acting in several more TV and movie productions. Farnsworth grew up around riding horses, which eventually lead to stunt work and acting work in Western films and TV shows. He even worked on Spartacus(1960) where he rode a chariot for 11 months, which proved later to be useful for riding a horse carriage in Anne of Green Gables.


Sadly near the end of his life, he was suffering from terminal cancer that left himpartially paralyzed. He was nominated for an Oscar again for what would be his last performance in the film The Straight Story (1999), before he passed away on his ranch on October 6th, 2000.

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