The Music of Anne of Green Gables

Benjamin Nicholas

Music is a very crucial part of a movie, as it assists in creating a better experience and in cases like Anne of Green Gables, it becomes as iconic as the films. Kevin Sullivan worked very closely with the composers to match what he thought was the best reflection of the Anne series. There were many emotional moments in the movies that Sullivan tried to be present in the music, so that the audience could feel a stronger connection. Canadian composer Hagood Hardy composed the score for the first two Anne films. The international conductor and Slovakian composer Peter Breiner scored the third and fourth films.

Hagood Hardy,composer, arranger, vibraphonist, pianist, and percussionist was a major figure in the Canadian recording industry. He had a successful jazz career, composed extensively for film and television, and earned gold and platinum records as an easy listening artist. He received ten Juno nominations for Instrumental Artist of the Year, winning twice, and was a Member of the Order of Canada. Hardy developed two very strong, uplifting and poignant themes for Anne of Green Gables. Hardy and Sullivan were able to collaborate very effectively to ensure that the music enhanced the visuals and the performance on screen.

Peter Breiner began to play and study the piano at age four. Breiner has recorded over 150 albums as conductor and pianist. He is well known for his arrangements, such as Baroque versions of the Beatles and a similar adaptation of Elvis Presley, as well as arrangements of popular Christmas music. In 2018, Peter Breiner was awarded the highest state order by the President of Slovak Republic.

For Anne of Green Gables The Continuing Story Breiner had to emulate the favour of what Hardy had already established but built his score on a much larger scale and with a larger symphony. Sullivan asked him to create the sounds that would mimic Gilbert and Anne’s drama in a large urban environment, as well as against a great representation of war and disaster. Breiner without doubt was able to accomplish just that without losing track of the two scores he created. He would use folk motifs and celtic themes to strengthen the atmosphere onscreen. This approach was more classical than the route Hardy took, but equally as original.

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