Creative Summer Cocktails

Agatha Krzewinski

Summer is here which makes it the perfect time to drink cool and refreshing iced drinks.Check out below for some delicious cocktail recipes.

Rhubarb Deluxe


5 pounds rhubarb

2 tablespoons grated lemon rind

14 ½cups water

1/3 cup lemon juice

3 cups granulated sugar


Cut the rhubarb into chunks. In a large saucepan combine rhubarb, lemon rind and water. Bring to a boil and simmer until rhubarb is tender. Stir in lemon juice. Strain through a cloth. Makes about 13 cups of juice. Stir the granulated sugar into the juice. Bring to a boil. Pour into sterilized jars and seal. Store in a cool place. Makes about 7 pints.




6 lemons

2 pounds granulated sugar

3 tablespoons citric acid

7 cups boiling water


Cut in half and squeeze the juice from the lemons. Cut each rind half in four. Combine lemon juice, pulp and rind with the granulated sugar and citric acid. Cover with the boiling water. Stir in until sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool. Strain and pour into sterilized jars. Store in a cool place. When serving, dilute 1 part syrup with 1 part water. Makes 6 pints syrup.

Raspberry Cordial


3 cups raspberries

1 cup granulated sugar

1 can frozen lemonade (thawed)

3 cups fine brandy

In a blender, puree the raspberries, sugar and lemonade. Place the puree in a large glass jar and pour the brandy over it. Cover and shake well then store in acool place for at least a month. Shake the jar at least once a week. When you are ready to serve, strain through a colander and a cloth into a decanter.Makes about 4 ½ cups.

Mint Julep


(All ingredients are measured to preference)


Shaved ice

Mint leaves



Chill some tall, thin glasses. Place a sprig of mint, teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of bourbon into each glass. Mash the ingredients together. Fill each glass to the brim with ice, then fill with bourbon. Stir well and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Red Velvet Punch


8 cups cranberry cocktail

1 can frozen orange juice

1 can frozen pineapple juice

1 can frozen lemonade

2 (750 ml) bottles ginger ale

1 litre bottle white grape juice


Mix together in punch bowl. Top with lime and lemon slices. Makes 20 to 25 servings.

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